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Directory of Kitchens to Rent

Directory of kitchens for rental

In 2013, the region had 82 food processing establishments registered with MAPAQ and, in 2018, there were 1,235 restaurants. Processing activities are mainly found in the fruit and vegetable, meat and poultry, bakery and pastry and maple products sectors. While some of these kitchens are operating at full capacity, others are not. It is therefore interesting for these establishments to rent their spaces and equipment to companies and organizations likely to use them, in addition to their own activity.

It is in this context that the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) has set up a directory of Outaouais kitchens interested in renting their equipment to other processors. This directory helps to facilitate contact between the supply of kitchens that are not operated at full capacity and demand (third parties interested in rental). It thus contributes to the vitality of the sector through optimal use of kitchen spaces and equipment.