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Farmers’ Markets

Who to contact to sell at farmers’ markets in the region!

The entire agri-food sector in the Outaouais is mobilizing so that the 2020 season takes place in the best conditions. MAPAQ is currently working on establishing preventive measures to be implemented in all farmers’ markets in the province. Here is the latest government news on farmers’ markets:

Can permanent or seasonal farmers’ markets hold their activities?

Farmers’ markets, permanent or seasonal, are food businesses and can continue to operate. Farmers’ markets wishing to maintain their activities must observe sanitary and public health measures and regulations. These establishments must also comply with the following instructions:

  • Merchants authorized to make sales in a farmer market must only offer food, horticultural or personal hygiene products (ex: soap);
  • No tasting, no food service or ready-to-eat is allowed on the public market. Merchants can sell prepared foods, but these must be packaged for takeout;
  • No animation activity can take place on site (ex: musician, cooking demonstration): the public market must be only a place of supply of food or hygiene products;
  • Children’s play areas, if any, must be closed and inaccessible;
  • No rest or meal place can be set up (eg chairs, tables, picnic tables);
  • No strolling is allowed.

Do not hesitate to communicate with public procurement managers or with us for any questions related to your participation in the 2020 season.

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Here is the list of public markets for the 2020 season:

Successful initiatives

Rimouski public market

Mission accomplished for the first safe Rimouski public market. Very positive experience, both for producers and for consumers.

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Ontario Farmers’ Markets

Public procurement is considered an essential service. However, they are working to find solutions in order to comply with preventive measures.

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Association of public markets of Quebec (AMPQ)

Do not hesitate to refer to the AMPQ website for any additional information.

The AMPQ’s mission is to accompany and support the emergence, development and promotion of the Quebec public market network for the benefit of local communities, and producers and artisans of the agri-food industry.