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Commercialization agent

We are there for you, agri-food entrepreneurs!

At the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO), we offer consulting services to help local entrepreneurs market their agri-food products. Our commercialization agent can help:

  • Offer support for market and product development;
  • Complete a marketing diagnostic and needs assessment;
  • Implement strategic and marketing plans;
  • Offer consulting services in marketing to retailers and distributors;
  • Calculate the real cost of your products.

In order to equip  agri-food entrepreneurs in managing their growth, a training course is currently under development and should start in late 2020.

The services offered are:

The marketing diagnostic is used to get a global portrait of the resources and functioning of the agri-food business in order to identify the elements which could delay the development of its marketing strategy.

Usually, during this first meeting, a general action plan is developed in connection with the business’ strategy. This approach allows the company to better understand the challenges and procedures necessary to achieve its business objectives.

Our marketing consulting services help businesses save time and money while finding and calling targeted sales outlets. Our field expertise allows businesses to obtain an external opinion on their products as well as to increase their sales or get more for their products.

Our price costing service aims to help businesses analyze and determine the actual cost of their products.

As part of the business plan, the marketing plan is an essential tool for businesses. Accompanied by a budget and a schedule, the plan allows businesses to identify strategic marketing actions for their products to increase revenues and market shares, and to build customer loyalty.

The development of the marketing plan is done in partnership with the business and in accordance with its growth strategy.


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