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The principle of CSA vegetable baskets

Who? Vegetable baskets under the principles of community-supported agriculture (CSA) are an initiative created by Équiterre in 1996. Today, we recognize them mainly thanks to the Family Farmers Network (RFF). Now managed by the Cooperative for Ecological Local Agriculture (CAPÉ) since 2020, the RFF brings together more than 150 farms certified or in organic pre-certification.

However, it is not only the RFF to find vegetable baskets. Today, several local farms offer their own vegetable basket independently of the RFF.

What? Community-supported agriculture is based on a farm-citizen partnership, that is to say that your subscription to a farm’s basket allows them to finance part of the purchases at the beginning of the season, such as seeds, greenhouse heating, etc. In return, you receive fresh vegetables. Also, you get the opportunity to meet your farmer and exchange him/her.

When? Subscriptions to vegetable baskets can be purchased in spring and summer. Some farms also offer winter baskets.

How? You can subscribe directly on the local farms website and on the Family Farmers Network (RFF) website (french only):


Organic or not?

The famous question! Farms under the RFF network are certified organic or in organic pre-certification. If you buy a subscription with a farm outside the RFF, there is no guarantee that your vegetable basket will be organic unless the farm you are dealing with holds organic certification by one of Quebec’s six certifying bodies:

  • Ecocert Canada
  • Pro-Cert
  • Québec Vrai
  • TCO Cert
  • QAI International
  • Letis S.A.

Check with your local farm to learn more about their certification. 


Customize your vegetable basket!  

Some local farms offer customization of your vegetable basket. Indeed, when you register, extra options may be available. Bread, cut flowers, microgreens, eggs and many other products.  


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