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Sowing and Planting Guide for the Outaouais

It’s spring, time to start thinking about preparing your vegetable garden!

What a pleasure it is to sow seeds and watch your vegetables, herbs and fruits plants grow all summer long!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert vegetable gardener, there is one thing you need to know when growing your food : when to start germinating your plants.

If you want to grow your own seedlings from seed, it is important to know that not all plants will start germinating at the same time. In fact, each species has its own growth and germination cycle that must be followed in order to achieve the most effective results.

Some species need to be sown indoors before they can be transplanted outdoors, while others can be planted directly in the ground (in the garden or in a pot).

There is nothing more delicious than tasting foods that you have grown yourself with a heart full of pride

To help you get your hands in the soil, here’s a sowing and planting calendar that gives you an overview of the vegetables you can plant at each time of the outdoor growing season.Planting and Sowing Guide for the Outaouais region


Some vegetables can be planted and harvested more than once during the season. In brackets you will find the number that corresponds to the harvest time.

Download the Sowing & Planting Guide Here

Seeds producers and distributors in the Outaouais

To help you find the right seeds, here is the list of seed producers in the Outaouais region :

There’s plenty of cuttings and seedlings producers throughout the summer in the Outaouais region

You do not have time to plant seedlings?

Don’t worry, several growers in the region will do it for you!

Starting in May, many farms have different types of seedlings ready for you to plant.

Visit local vegetable farms, greenhouses and farmers markets in the Outaouais to pick up some cuttings and stock your garden. If you don’t have a garden, many species can also be grown in pots.

Having your own vegetable garden is a great way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, as is a seasonal subscription to a vegetable basket. Plus, gardening is an invigorating activity to do as a family.

Have a great sowing & planting season!