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Enjoy Local Flavours with Weekly Vegetable Baskets

It’s time to sign up for this season’s vegetable baskets!

Getting fresh and local produce every week is awesome! 

Support local farms by subscribing to a weekly vegetable basket delivery service! It is a great way to help the community and encourage small businesses that compete with multinational food giants. It is also a tasty way to include more local vegetables in your diet and discover seasonal local specialties.

Several farms with various collection points offer vegetable baskets

The Outaouais region has a growing number of vegetables farms and its residents are fortunate to be able to choose from such a wide variety of them, each with their own specialty and packages. Depending on the farm, the delivery periods may vary.

To find out which farms in your area offer vegetable basket subscriptions, here is a list:

Certified organic

Not certified organic

Don’t wait! Sign up now for a seasonal vegetable basket subscription!


The Croquez l’Outaouais’ business directory allows you to discover local agri-food businesses

There are so many farms in the Outaouais region. The number is growing so fast that this list only represents a part of them. Consult our local food directory to find out which ones are near you.

If you own an agri-food business in the Outaouais region, add your business to our directory to increase your visibility and make yourself known to more people.

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