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Autumn newsletter 2019

Through its concertation and coordination mandates in the regional biofood sector, the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) publishes the newsletter Info Agro-Outaouais which will gather news, information, and events and training offered by the different regional partners of the sector. This newsletter is aimed at you, the regional biofood businesses, and it aims at regrouping all the content that appeals to you or is likely to interest you.

Here is the schedule of publications:

Winter Edition: Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Spring Edition: Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Summer Edition: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Autumn Edition: Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

To send us relevant news, information, or events and training, or for more information, please contact Aurélie Boyer, Project Manager at the TAO, by email or phone (819 281-7676).

We hope that the content of the newsletter will please you!


A Short Note from the New Director of the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais

GENEVIÈVE GROSSENBACHER, Director of the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO)

A quick note to let you know that, as the new director of the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) in office for just a few weeks now, I wanted to highlight how vibrant and dynamic our agri-food sector is in our region.

Having been farming organic vegetables in the area here for almost a decade now, and having been involved in the food movement for close to 20 years, I already knew that Outaouais had great potential and stood out on multiple fronts. However, I must admit that coming in office as the TAO is ending the consultative phase of the Outaouais’ 2019-2024 Strategic Plan for the Agri-Food Sector, the sheer number and quality of agricultural projects and initiatives as well as the many partnerships in place within the various stakeholders, not only impressed me, they literally jumped at me.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve our common goals, including moving towards sustainable food systems and healthy eating for all. Yet, I feel it is important to take a minute to congratulate you all and to salute all the work that you’ve collectively accomplished and will continue to accomplish to strengthen our agricultural and food sector in the next few years.

Congratulations again and I look forward to working with you all to celebrate and promote local agriculture!


Update from the Outaouais’ 2019-2024 Strategic Plan for the Agri-Food Sector

AURÉLIE BOYER, Project Manager at the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO)

The Outaouais’ 2019-2024 Strategic Plan for the Agri-Food Sector, led by the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO), is going well. The consultative phase of this strategic planning process, which ended in September, included: surveys to agri-food businesses and regional partners (115 businesses and 20 partners answered), a consumer survey (62 consumers answered) and consultations in each of the regional municipal county (MRC) in Outaouais (136 people participated). In addition, the TAO attended the annual general meetings of the local unions of the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) where agricultural producers raise the main issues that need to be addressed. All the data collected to date as part of this process has been compiled; now it’s time to analyze it.

The Outaouais’ 2019-2024 Strategic Plan for the Agri-Food Sector will be published this fall, along with a summary of the main outcomes of the 2013-2018 Agri-Food Strategic Planning for the Outaouais.

The release date still remains to be determined, but the documents will be available online here:

These documents will also be presented by the TAO as part of a regional agri-food forum in March 2020. The forum will aim to mobilize businesses and partners again, to build the momentum needed to implement the action plan stemming from the strategic planning exercise. We encourage you to take part in this forum to get a sense of the extent of the work done to date and familiarize yourself with the main objectives and outcomes that will be identified for the agri-food sector in our region for the next five years. Keep your eyes peeled; we will send you all the details by email in january 2020.

As always, we are happy to answer your questions; don’t hesitate to contact me, Aurélie Boyer, by email or by phone (819 281-7676).

Credit: Sébastien Lavallée








Outaouais Gourmet Festival: A Succesful 4th edition!

AURÉLIE BOYER, Project Manager at the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) and Coordinator of the Outaouais Gourmet Festival

On August 26th, the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) held the 4th edition of the Outaouais Gourmet Festival at Hendrick Farm in Chelsea. Promoted by its ambassadors “From field to table” – James Thompson, family farmer and owner of Our Little Farm; Georges Émond, Chief Executive Officer at the Laiterie de l’Outaouais; and Yannick La Salle, chef at Les Fougères restaurant -– the event enabled foodies and localvores to celebrate the richness of the region’s agri-food sector as well as the work of its artisans.

Approximately 4,500 visitors from the Outaouais, Ontario and elsewhere gathered under the sun to enjoy the samples offered by 20 local food businesses. On site, visitors could attend cooking demonstrations and a brewery presentation, get close and personal with farm animals at the agricultural interpretation center organized by the Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA) des Collines de l’Outaouais, discover food-related products, and enjoy a host of activities for children and the family, including musical entertainment.

This year again, visitors enjoyed the event; visitors surveyed anonymously gave it, on average, 4.4 out of 5. Overall, the participating businesses also appreciated it. The coordinating committee wishes to thank food producers and food vendors who participated in the event; they are the heart of the event! The Outaouais Gourmet Festival is the only regional event in which agri-food businesses are at the heart of the event and the visitor experience. It allows them to present themselves to consumers eager to meet the local producers who produce what they eat.

If you have comments or suggestions to share with us for the next edition, don’t hesitate to contact me, Aurélie Boyer, by email or by phone (819 281-7676).

See you next year!

Gatineau’s Municipal Officials’ Tour: Raising Awareness about the Agri-Food Sector

AURÉLIE BOYER, Project Manager at the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO)

On November 1st, in response to the Agricultural Development Plan of Gatineau (known as PDZA in French), the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) will organize a tour of municipal officials to a few farms and food businesses in Gatineau. With this tour, the TAO aims to inform municipal officials on key issues facing the agri-food sector in Gatineau and in Outaouais, particularly those identified in the PDZA.

This tour also aims to:

  • Show the socioeconomic importance of the agrifood sector in Gatineau and in Outaouais;
  • Showcase how dynamic Gatineau’s agrifood businesses and entrepreneurs are;
  • Showcase the potential of agriculture, and how it contributes to economic diversification in the region;
  • Create lasting links between municipal officials and key agrifood stakeholders, and building on what the PDZA initiated;
  • Make the elected representatives aware of their role in the sector’s planning and development;
  • Enable constructive exchanges on the development of the sector.

Finally, the tour will concretely help prepare municipal officials make decisions related to sector’s planning and development.

On November 1st, the TAO also invites Gatineau agricultural and food businesses (ex: farms, food processing businesses, restaurants, etc.) to join municipal officials for a discussion over lunch. Registration is mandatory. To register and to inquire about the tour, please don’t hesitate to contact Corine Jacob by email or by phone (819 281-7676).

Worth noting is that the TAO will, in 2020, organize a tour in each of the other four municipal regional counties (MRC) of Outaouais. Stay tuned! We will share details in the next newsletters.

Consulting and business support services available and subsidized for all agricultural and agri-food businesses

Katéhé Traoré, Coordinator of the Réseau Agriconseils Outaouais (RAO)

The Réseau Agriconseils de l’Outaouais’ mandate is to direct agricultural and agri-food businesses in the region to consulting experts and to offer subsidies for contracts with these experts. The consulting services are available to all agricultural producers and cover the following areas: agri-environment, crop management, livestock farming, human resources management, financial and technical-economic management, organic production, start-ups and farm transfers, artisanal processing and direct marketing. This wide range of services aims to help agricultural and agri-food enterprises improve their competitiveness and implement sustainable practices.

The financial assistance offered ranges between 50% and 85% per contract. The total financial assistance granted per farm business can reach up to $ 30,000 for the 2018-2023 period, or $ 40,000 for farm transfers, start-ups and farms in organic production.

All agricultural and agri-food businesses are eligible for consulting services and financial assistance. To benefit from it, simply contact Mr. Katéhé Traoré, the Réseau Agriconseils Outaouais’ coordinator, by email or by phone (819 281 7832). The coordinator will be happy to guide you in choosing the right consulting services for you and refer you to the appropriate advisors.



Outaouais, Bite into it! regional products shop

AURÉLIE BOYER, Project Manager at the Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO)

From December 1st to 24th, for a third consecutive year, Outaouais, Bite into it! will have a kiosk featuring regional products for sale in Les Promenades Gatineau, the main shopping center of the region. The Table agroalimentaire de l’Outaouais (TAO) coordinates this kiosk, featuring the products of ten farms and food processing businesses of the region. Its goal: gather regional products in one spot to make gift-giving of local goods even easier during a time of year marked by generosity and festivities.

The kiosk, located next to the Hudson’s Bay, offers great visibility to participating businesses and their products and gathers a diversity of excellent edible products perfect for gift-giving: almonds, chocolates, jams, marmalades, honey, salad dressings, strawberry and raspberry wine, alcohols and maple products, etc. Gift baskets are also available on site. Custom packaging can also be made.

Think local this Holiday season; visit the Outaouais, Bite into it! kiosk where you will surely find tasty treats to share.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions; contact Nathalie Matte by email or by phone (819 281-7676).

[Workshop in English]

The Collectif régional en formation agricole de l’Outaouais (CRFAO) is mandated to meet the continuing training needs of all the agricultural producers, their employees and the young entrepreneurs in the region.



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