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  • Did you know that butter and margarine both contain 80% of fat content? However, the fat content of butter comes from milk and the fat content from margarine comes from vegetable oils. Thus, since cholesterol is a fat content coming from an animal origin, only butter has some in it.
  • Did you know that different ways exist to discover the agri-food businesses that make for the richness of our region? Indeed, you can visit the web directory on www.outaouaisbiteintoit.com, visit the Outaouais Gourmet Way at www.outaouaisgourmetway.com or even come and visit the Outaouais River shore Festival on the 26th of August in Montebello (www.foiregourmande.com). Also, don’t forget the Marché de solidarité regional (www.msroutaouais.ca).
  • Did you know that for adults, it is advised to cumulate daily 30 minutes of physical activity? If not at once, it is possible to break up the amount in different periods of time, as long as it sums up to about 30 minutes.
  • Did you know that ascorbic acid, better known as vitamin C, gets its name from the fact that it helps prevent and treat scurvy?
  • Did you know that in order to fill your daily needs in vitamin C (75 to 90 mg), you need to eat: 1 cup of orange juice OR 1 cup of strawberries OR 1 cup of broccoli OR 1 ½ vegetable juice?
  • Did you know that a healthy lifestyle habit is often accompanied by another one? A healthy diet is associated to a physically active lifestyle, as much as a physically active lifestyle is associated to a healthy diet. No matter the direction that we give it, it is always a winning combination!
  • Did you know that iron plays a crucial role in the transport of oxygen in our blood? The hemic iron (from animal origins) is very well absorbed by our organism while the non-hemic iron (from vegetable origins) is better absorbed with the presence of vitamin C.
  • Did you know that the agri-food industry gives jobs to more than 480 000 people in the province of Québec only?
  • Did you know that playing outside is probably the most influencing factor in the adoption of a physically active lifestyle? The time spent outside while a kid is often the common factor in adults that have an active lifestyle.
  • Did you know that the Aliments du Québec logo is a reference point to locate a product grown or processed in the province of Québec?
  • Did you know that the benefits from a physically active lifestyle are not limited to only physical health? Many benefits are also observed on the psychological, social and mental levels, on the concentration and productivity in school for kids, not to mention on the environment.
  • Did you know that the campaign Aliments du Québec Toujours le bon choix! invites us to look for and buy each week products from here? For more information: www.toujourslebonchoix.com (inFrench only).
  • Did you know that using a homemade stock for a recipe instead of a store bought stock lets us better reduce and control the amount of sodium in our food? In diminishing the sodium, we diminish the risks of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Did you know that because they comprise 85 to 95% of water, a daily consumption of fruits and vegetables allows us to stay well hydrated for the entire day, and that even by hot weather?
  • Did you know that Aliments du Québec certifies 13 000 products that are grown or processed in the province of Québec?
  • Did you know that our body rejects every day about 2.5 litres of water? When practicing sports, this amount is even more important. It is therefore primordial to drink enough, especially water. Energy drinks and alcohol even have the opposite effect since they dehydrate the body.
  • Did you know that a fast does not purify the body? Indeed, using our reserves in a fast generates toxic substances in the body. To really clean the body, it is preferable to simply adopt a good healthy lifestyle including healthy eating and regular physical activities.
  • Did you know that very high temperatures applied to cooking meats, such as BBQ, produce potentially cancer-producing substances? These can be found in carbonised meat. It is therefore preferable to avoid cooking directly over opened flames in order to get the best health potential out of your BBQ.
  • Did you know that a healthy food does not really exist? Indeed, one particular food item cannot give or take away health by itself. It is rather the whole of what we eat that can keep us healthy. We can eat of everything but it is important to give a lot more place to food that favour health like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and low fat dairy products. And more importantly, pay attention to salt.
  • Did you know that consumption of salt in the province of Québec largely exceeds the daily tolerable maximum, causing high blood pressure and many health problems? This overconsumption of salt mainly comes from processed foods and restaurants. Cooking at home and the judicious use of herbs can help us largely reduce our consumption of salt.
  • Did you know that berries are an interesting source of antioxidants? The latter contribute to neutralize free radicals in the body and could therefore reduce the risks of heart diseases, some cancers (breast, colon, prostate, lungs) and of certain diseases related to ageing. Other foods also contain some antioxidants, like cocoa!

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